My Dream House 

Something like this where I can keep cam and live in peace and just get away from it all, whale still wanting to do my dream job. 

Some people don’t believe in there dreams, hopes, and goals as much anymore but we should all still have hope and keep on having are dreams, hopes, and goals. Keep movie forward and Live on.

Live Your Life liveon dreams keepmovingforward dream job house cute house water house by the sea housebythewater the fault in our stars beautiful colorful peaceful apeacefulplace


Love is something that you cherish with someone that you care about, You would never leave that person behind even if they tell you so. Love is something that you must cherish in the world because it is the closes thing that we have to Magic. 

magic love clossesthingthatwehavetomagic


Later on today I will be making a video and post it to day or tomorrow, In this video I will be talking about something that I normally would not talk about ever but it is time to talk about it and bring it out to all of you. 

After I post this video it will be on YouTube and at the end I will be asking you guys to share something be with if you would like you can make a video about it or even wright about it well good luck. 

goodluck youtube


As young adults we should have the right to go out and hang out with are friends on Saturdays night and Friday nights but noo it’s too late so you can’t go it just really sucks how some parents tell you that you can’t go out and have fun at all I mean were young and were supost to be living are life to the fullest and have fun with everything we do I mean there is some regrets we have in life but not all of them have to be because when we grow old we want to be able to look back at what we did and know that we enjoyed every minuet of it so yes parents should let us of the leash a little but not too much so that way we can focus on are work.  

Live your Life To The Fullest!

party parents Lifes a bitch life live your life

My meditation...



After slow breathing and centering, I pull the energy from the sky through my 7th crown chakra

and down through my body into the earth through my first root chakra…like being seated on a red cloud…

I am rooted in the earth and reality

I am grounded, nurturing and supported


Just let it flow through you.


Just Do It!

Just do it! Go for your Dreams in life especially in high school like if you wanna go for the soccer teem, football, baseball, Dance, cheer, ect just go for it keep your self bisy with home work and your hobby’s and defilement your friends. :) 

friends high school hobby's sports

The Past

You cant change the past but sometimes I wish I could so that way I wouldn’t have to live with all this regret it makes me feel even worse about my self and make’s me want to hurt myself but i must change that I cant just keep on hurting myself and thing its all gonna be better but what else can I do? 

helpme me help hurtmyaelf hurt past cantchangeit wish